Welcome to Our Home

Décor has always been a thing to me, from painting inside and outside walls to finding knickknacks that I really enjoy like porcelain dolls or ceramic Indians and wind chimes and dream catchers in my home. I even have my own homemade photo wall throughout my house sort of like Facebook but only better. I feel I get it from my Grandma and her momma because they were the same way. I remember growing up in my Great Grandma’s house, she had a red and white checkered kitchen, an old antique Benjamin Franklin stove in the dining room, some gold plates and horn shaped thing in the living room by the other wood stove, pictures of all her 20 some grandkids and great grandkids on the mantel, even lattice work around her bathroom door and fake plants in her bathroom. My Grandma (her daughter) used to have pictures all over the walls of her home, antique things she always collected, and she even kept all the cards she collected from family over the years from Christmas, her birthday and so on just so she could hang them up from time to time or decorate photo albums like her momma used to do as well with the sayings and such.

I do the same thing, you walk into my home and you automatically see eye catching neon color poster board on my white walls with pictures of my family members all over them and quirky little sayings like “OHANA” or “Life, Laugh, Love.” Then your eye catches all my dream catchers on my windows, and my shelf that has two urns and plaques I have collected from the dollar stores or other people. The urns are my Grandma, her momma, and daddy and then one is my momma. Then you walk a couple feet into my office and you see my porcelain Indian statues, yes one is named Kalijah, my Great Grandpa used to sing that song to my son when he was born. Sorry if no one knows what I am talking about. Anyway, then you see all my minion stuff. Yes, I am addicted to the Minions, even named my unborn child Minion while he/she was in my belly. I have more picture poster boards in my office as well these contain more of my giant and loving family and yes, these boards are neon colored too. Then you get ready to enter my kitchen and poof your eye catches my kids’ chores/consequences and rules lists that are too on neon colored poster board. Oh, don’t forget while in the office you have all my Ridgeview Wolfpack memorabilia because my daughter and son go to school there and my daughter cheers for them. Oh, and my bright shower curtain I got from my cousin that is now being used as a curtain to block my window and neighbors from being peeping toms. Then when you get into my kitchen finally you look to the left and on the three windowsills above my sink is a bunch of knickknacks I have obtained from an elderly friend who passed away, and my Great Granny’s porcelain cookie jar ducks she used to have in her red and white checkered kitchen before she passed.

Wait we are not quite done with the tour of décor. Smiling while writing that was a good feeling by the way. When you go through the door to the right of the kitchen you enter my bedroom. As soon as you enter my room you see a big poster of Jesus and three wooden crosses made from puzzle pieces. That picture has sentimental value to me because my old friend gave it to me when his wife passed (who was a good friend too) plus I lost a friend back in 2000 to an auto accident and now there are three wooden crosses on the right side of the highway. Yes, I relate Randy Travis’ song to that accident and RIP Kurt, Anthony, and Kristen. When you look to your left you see a Vacational Bible School poster from my sister’s church’s summer program because it has the constellations on it (I am intrigued by astronomy), a picture of my awesome fiancé is on that wall as well on a bright neon poster board that he wrote in big words “I heart U forever,” on. My mom’s birthstone is on a necklace hanging there, I have two hats hanging there as well, oh and a postcard from my daughters 1st trip to Dollywood this year (ever) with her friend and her family. Then on the next wall, you have a picture of my awesome fiancé and me, and two ultrasound pictures of my minion (who I had a miscarriage back in January with due to health issues), another one of my hats, a lei from the fourth of July of this year and a glow bracelet. Then you look to the right and you see a big puzzle picture of a Harley Davidson that belongs to my fiancé and a bunch of cardboard pictures my kids drew on for us. If you look to the left again you can enter my bathroom that has bathroom knickknacks on the walls oh and look behind the washer and dryer there is a witch’s broom that smells like Cinnamon from Halloween, my daughter has one in her bathroom too.

If you come back out into the living room from my room you take a left and you’re in my son’s room, he has old t-shirts hanging on his wall that have Pokémon on them. He loves Pokémon and Mario. Then you walk out into the living room like your leaving my home and you look to your right you see photo frames with my kids in two of the frames, my minion in one of them and a photo of me, my kids, and my cousins which make up two of five generations of Haller/Palmateer children. You also see a big plaque that has house rules on it that I obtained from helping my elderly friend clean out his house before he moved in with a family friend of his. You also see my daughters room on that side as well. If you enter (be careful when you do a teenage girl lives in there) you see a mirror with signatures (of all her friends who have come over) on it. She also has a hat or two on her walls, pictures all over her walls on poster board, cheer bows hanging everywhere and she even has some doodle drawings she has done. When you enter her bathroom, you see her witches broom and then you see a picture frame with a doodle drawing in it as well, not to mention her call horns from cheerleading and some porcelain knickknacks on the shelf behind the toilet. Also, note the bookshelf she has made of her windowsill.

The décor isn’t just inside either, we have two windchimes with bears and frogs hanging from our front porch, a flower bed in front of our living room window and a plaque hanging on the porch that says Welcome to Our Home. Oh, and be careful not to bump into my eternal fairy lights and my angels alongside the bottom of the porch and walk way. They are fragile and have sentimental value as well.

Décor matters in my life and my family’s life a great deal because it is also a way we can express ourselves, whether it be our artistic sense of life, our memories, our family, our love, our history, our life, our friends, or just some things we have acquired along the way. It all means something to us and we will keep adding to it as we go. I myself am thankful for my decorative ideas and know how even it others think it weird.