Investing In Area Rugs For Your Home

When I first arrived at college I didn’t really know what to expect and was completely unprepared. I didn’t bring enough clothes or dishes and since I was trying to save money I didn’t think decorations were important so I didn’t bring any. As the first two weeks went by and I went from school to practice to my very white dull bedroom, I found myself becoming very depressed.


I talked with my parents and friend but could not figure about what was triggering my depression. Another week went by and it just kept getting worse. I had very little energy and just wanted to stay in bed all day.¬† My parents then came to visit because they were becoming worried and after two minutes of being in my dorm my mom stated: “no wonder you are so depressed look at your room”. I was very confused by the comment and when I asked my mom to explain she said, “Your room can make a big difference in your attitude. If you have nothing to look at to cheer you up and all you see is white it is a lot easier to become depressed. Having a fun cute room will make your attitude change, just watch.”


So that afternoon we¬†went to the store and bought decorations for my room. We bought mirrors and rugs and pictures and lamps and when it all came together the difference was amazing. I still didn’t fully believe this was gonna help but I did love how my new room looked. So after a week past, I called my mom and thanked her. It truly did help. I found my depression had disappeared and I was happy and cheerful. I learned that people don’t live in blank houses for a reason and that having proper decorations and area rugs can truly make a difference in one’s happiness.