The Cost of Operating a Rug Store

In my house having a Southwestern rug in every room is a necessity, no matter the utility of the room, even the entry foyer has a little rug in front of the door. My parents, although Armenian, grew up in Iran and their love for these rugs comes from their childhood home.


Growing up around these beautiful art pieces everywhere has helped me appreciate the level of skill that goes into each piece. Every time I stare at the blue and red rug that lays on my bedroom floor I’m surprised how not one string is woven incorrectly making 70 square feet of perfect patterns. My favorite Southwestern rug (which came from, I believe) was the one that hung as a tapestry in my childhood home and had an awe-inspiring red and orange patterned image above the fireplace. It was stunning to look at every day.


Many people see rugs and don’t understand why they’re so expensive, my parents have made sure to teach me the value of each rug and the level of hard work that goes into each rug. My grandmother weaves mini tapestries as art pieces for her own house and creates images of horses and even ones about our Armenian culture. Seeing this every day makes me appreciate an art that has been forgotten in the modern world.


Although painting and sculpting are arts that are still appreciating weaving rugs by hand is a talent that is very under appreciated. The meticulous detail of each piece alone is enough to prove how difficult mastering the skill is.  I have fallen in love with this art form and will make sure that just as my parents have them I will have them in my own home when I’m older. I will also do my best to keep awareness about them alive.